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1. Why Register Internationally?

For individuals and businesses whose products or services are internationally, traded or globally recognizable (or seek global recognition), it may be of utmost importance to have recourse against trademark infringers abroad. In many countries it is customary to take advantage of the success of a foreign business’ goods or services by manufacturing locally goods or services of lesser quality and blatantly communicating to the local customers that the origin of these goods or services is the foreign business or that the foreign business has authorized or endorsed the sale these goods or services. The International trademark registration system was devised to address this and make it easier and cheaper to register, maintain and police marks internationally.

2. Which countries will be covered within the International Trademark?

Our law office cooperates with many countries’trademark office and international organizations in the world. So we can register in over 200 countries of the world one time. Click on the link to view the list of countries: The list of countries

3. Duration of International Registration?

An international registration may be maintained indefinitely upon a timely renewal of the registration and payment of the renewal fees every 10 years.

4. What are the different China Trademarks and Greater China Trademarks?

China Trademark covering only in Chinese mainland. Greater China Trademarks covering in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan.